I have a wide and varied background in the arts spanning more than 10 years which include the display and sale of my work at Gallerie Karon in Ashland, Oregon; one of the top art towns in the country and home to the reknowned Oregon Shakespearre Festival. Prints of my work are privately owned in Oregon, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Washington and New Jersey as well as having been published in Ashland Magazine.

I am always looking for subjects to photograph. If you have an interest in being photographed, accept the requirements listed below and are in the Klamath Falls, Oregon area feel free to contact me.

Contact information for recent clients familiar with the value and skill of my work is available upon request.


Prices for framed and unframed prints are listed on this site under each available work.

All photographic services will add a nominal fee for mileage to the shooting destination (waived if the destination is less than 10 miles). Other fees are as follows...


The value of my portraits is in quality over quantity. You are paying for my skill and artistry, and will receive a handful of beautiful, distinct, professional images rather than 300 photos of varying quality, most of which look the same.

I shoot a variety of poses/viewpoints in either a studio shoot or location shoot of client's choosing, as well as minor photo touch-up and finishing. Final images will be provided on a CD with consent to print as many as you like for friends and family. All prints will contain a small "Art and Structure" watermark. $140


Weddings start at $400. Other events start at $200. Both may be priced further depending on the event criteria. Please feel free to contact me for a more specific estimate of your event.


I am available for private consultation in camera basics, advanced features, shooting conditions, computer hardware, software and troubleshooting as well as instruction in image composition including color, form, balance, contrast, lighting, etc. at a rate of $35 for the first hour and $25 each additional hour. Feel free to contact me for reduced group rates.

Modeling Interest:

I will consider subjects with the following caveats:

  1. If you are under 18 years old I will not photograph you unless your parent or guardian is present. If I otherwise decline to photograph you it is because I don't feel I can achieve the particular vision which defines my style.

  2. I will not be paid, nor will you, though you will be entitled to one full-sized print as compensation for release. This is a mutual working relationship with the opportunity for me to expand my repertoire and for you to sit for a high quality, professional gallery level art portrait. I will also retain all rights to my work, though I will not show any image which is not mutually approved by you and I. If you wish to purchase prints, terms can be negotiated at that time.