Sonata for Pianoforte no. 1 is intended for concert performance and composed as such. It represents the most "thoroughly composed" work on this site at this time as the first movement is complete, the second movement generally complete, with the third movement still a work in progress (and not yet available for listening).

In addition to being the most complete musical work on this site, this piece also represents the purest example of current compositional "style" as it is not conceived to "fit" or "reflect" other sources or material.

The first movement is primarily expository, and intended as primordial, mysterious, unexpected and nondescript. Its tempo and meter are composed very deliberately to have a vague sense of time, and played with a fair amount of rubato. The second movement serves as the expected contrasting movement of the sonata, carrying the last motif of the first movement into the second in rigid time with a more purposeful direction. Material from the first and second movements reappears in the third movement, primarily developmental, continuing the stronger sense of time established in the second movement while expanding the darker feel of the first.

I. (play sample)

64 kbps .mp3 (1.8MB)
Running Time: 3 min. 53 sec.

II. (play sample)

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Running Time: 2 min. 01 sec.

III. n/a

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Running Time: x min. xx sec.